charles charles charles..... what can you do?

so Hamilton can rap and all.... but there aint nothing like this brooklyn girl.


Diz Gibran

The new Diz Gibran mixtape is just another great mixtape to kick off the summer season.

<a href="http://diznmoon.com/album/crooks-castles-presents-soon-youll-understand">(Intro) Soon You'll Understand by Diz Gibran</a>


adidas skates new shit is a little addictive

I rarely freakout on sneakers anymore. The whole sneaker frenzy is a little out of control these days, but....... Adidas has come through lately with quality sneaks that look and feel dope and especially last through erryything !


80's baby

The last Eminem song i had on my i-pod was "Like Toy Soldiers", but the real hit came from the one hit wonder: Martika. Sad ass songs about kids hooked on drugs make great hip-hop samples.