Mr. Hudson – "Love Never Dies" download

i dont know about the singing but the beat on this rack is bananas. Dope late nihgt track for these hot ass nights. Mr. Hudson kinda rips this track and its a surprising example of what the new G.O.O.D. mixtape might be like.
Mr. Hudson - Love Never Dies by Hypetrak
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nuff said

"peace and quiet"


Lauryn Hill – "Repercussions" free download... CLASSIC!

holy shit shes back... i don't care how much of a thug you are, you know you like Lauryn. Lauryn Hill has returned from almost a decade of hiding. has she lost her swag? i think not. no word on what or where this single is from, but it def shows sign of a strong comeback for Miss Hill.
Lauryn Hill - Repercussions by Hypetrak

"strawburry shake"