Beanie Sigel feat. 50 Cent - "I Go Off" mp3

Big Beanie fan, not the biggest 50 fan..... but this jam is super carhartt music!

Download Beanie Sigel feat Cent Off mp3

Black Thought - "The Professional" mp3

Non-Mastered version, very rough.... but worth the listen

Non-Mastered version, very rough.... but worth the listen
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Cagnina’s MI-O Cellphone cradle

I never would have thought of anything like this, but it's exactly what i need for my phone. I cant fit a bedside table next to my bed, so i'm constantly fighting with wires in a drunk state half asleep....stay breaking chargers. I'm def adding this to a wish list for Christmas. Random invention wins again!

source: http://www.killahbeez.com/


Kid Cudi - "Simple As"

I've been a Cudi fan for a while now, and this one of the songs that keeps me on the bandwagon.

"NYC Handballers" by 13th Witness

13th Witness has been a big inspiration for me over the past 2-3 years. Over the last year he has made a humongous impact on the journalistic/photographic scene in NY and LA. He's known for his candid yet perfectly shot photos of some of the biggest idols of our time. He has also recently entered the world of short documentary style films depicting everything from skateboarding to handball players on the streets on the Big Apple. Photos in motion.

The NYC HandBallers from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

at the office : 11/09/2009