R.I.P. to the great

Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives

So..... Nasty nas and Damian Marley are putting an album together....yes, an album. two of my favorite artist of all time are about to takeover music this year. Does this mean that hip-hop has a chance to survive?

NAS & DAMIAN "JR GONG" MARLEY DISTANT RELATIVES preview from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

july 10th it starts again

JR - Rio de Janeiro

I've put post up before about artist "JR." This time he's teamed up with Canon Company to produce a little video about his new faces project in Rio.

JR opens a cultural center in the oldest favela in Rio (shot with EOS 500D) from Canon France on Vimeo.




Directed by Tim Burton.

Starring: Johnny Depp & Anne Hathaway


Slow-Mo Punches Video

I found this on a blog from boston store owner "Johnny Cupcakes". This videos cut up.

Slow Motion Punches to The Face from Eduardo Wydler on Vimeo.

"New Muslim Cool"

The documentary follows three years in the life of Puerto Rican American Muslim hip-hop artist Hamza PĂ©rez, his family, and community - following his spiritual journey. The film was shot in Pittsburgh, where Hamaz Perez has been living and studying.

Photographs of Jean-Michel Basquiat by Lee Jaffe