Five Feet High and Rising

A short film by Peter Sollett. Winner of the Short Filmmaking Award at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. The film portrays a twelve year-old boy named Victor and what life is like growing up in New York City's Lower East Side.

crazy talent..... i feel inferior

Chris "Daddy" Dave is probably one of the illest drummers in the hip-hop/music world right now. I know i;m not the biggest dick rider of New York, but.... NY always supplies the most ridiculously talented people. This guy is amazing.

CHRIS "DADDY" DAVE from TONE on Vimeo.


Amy Winehouse rapping

Thank you Pigeons and Planes for helping me find this classic video. I still think she is one of the greatest voices of all time, but she's ggoooonnnnneeeeeeee!