barack obamas opening act !

I found this video on this guys blog in Cali. Its the unseen footage from Barack's inauguration



What the fuck happened to Captain Planet. I remember being a kid and loving that wholesome ass show. The intro song would come on and I'd run to the TV and plop down in front of it waiting to see that blue guy and his perfectly interracial crew of scholarly helpers. Instead of bombing countries and defeating opposing warlords, he would save whales form oil spills and planet gardens in the hood.... and it was actually cool to like that kind of junk. He was just that dude. But now that I'm older and i know that Captain Planet isn't on the job anymore... I'm worried. Where the fuck is he now when i really need him. Why cant he just save dying kids in the Gaza Strip, and feed the hungry youth of Africa. why cant he create some fucking jobs for the unemployed. it just doesn't make sense. Where the fuck is captain planet? His little sidekicks are probably all grown up with masters in science and PhD's, driving Volvo's to the local wholefoods to by organic toilet paper and natural fruit roll ups. they were game for saving shit when they were younger, all they wanted to do was to follow Planet's coat tail around the world saving shit. Whatever I'm getting to emotional with all this nostalgia memory crap. The basic idea i wanna get across is, WHERE THE FUCK IS CAPTAIN PLANET?


No Other Then...... BOOGIE

This guy is the best documentary photographer there is. Born in Belgrade and now based in Brooklyn, photographer Boogie is taking shots that are ringing bells around the world. In 2006 he put out a photo book titled,"It's All Good".... the art worlds eyes were opened, and now they can't be shut. He has an eye for the darker more unspoken sides of life in poverty, in America and around the world. In 2008 he released two books titled, "Istanbul" and "belgrade belongs to me"... look em up.


February Music


I met this kid randomly in New York when i was in 10th grade, He was handing out mixtapes at some party. At the time he was not on the radar, anywhere other then Brooklyn. I still have the old scratched cd somewhere in some old box, I always like his rap/hustler deep voice flow. He just recently put out a new mixtape titled "The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C". He's made a name for himself in the party/fashion/music scene, and he never changed up his style. You gotta respect a rapper who can progress in the rap game, without losing his originality.

Tab One

There's something about this dude/a part of the group Kooley High, that makes me feel as if i shouldn't be so scared for the state of hip-hop. I love the Kanye's and the Cudi's, but all this new school neo-hip hop shit makes people forget about GOOD.Real hip hop. Kooley High is coming out of N.Carolina, which is also the home of some of the best to do it:Little Brother. Jake-one delivers the beat on this, and they recently dropped a ridiculously sick mixtape with 9th Wonder.



Them Steeler Boyz ate them Cardinals , like Tasha eats her own poop. Grub mode!

JR- Africa Street Project

Bringing to light to one of the largest and severely poverty stricken areas of Africa, artist JR created a massive showcase in Kibera, Kenya. Taking over a year of planning and organization, the artist covered over approximately 25,500 square feet of rooftop with eyes taken from the very female inhabitants of Kibera. In addition to the eyes seen on the rooftops, eyes have also been pasted onto a local train and for small periods at a time, intersecting with hillside smiles to create a face. More images can be seen at JR-Art.net.