February Music


I met this kid randomly in New York when i was in 10th grade, He was handing out mixtapes at some party. At the time he was not on the radar, anywhere other then Brooklyn. I still have the old scratched cd somewhere in some old box, I always like his rap/hustler deep voice flow. He just recently put out a new mixtape titled "The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C". He's made a name for himself in the party/fashion/music scene, and he never changed up his style. You gotta respect a rapper who can progress in the rap game, without losing his originality.

Tab One

There's something about this dude/a part of the group Kooley High, that makes me feel as if i shouldn't be so scared for the state of hip-hop. I love the Kanye's and the Cudi's, but all this new school neo-hip hop shit makes people forget about GOOD.Real hip hop. Kooley High is coming out of N.Carolina, which is also the home of some of the best to do it:Little Brother. Jake-one delivers the beat on this, and they recently dropped a ridiculously sick mixtape with 9th Wonder.