What the fuck happened to Captain Planet. I remember being a kid and loving that wholesome ass show. The intro song would come on and I'd run to the TV and plop down in front of it waiting to see that blue guy and his perfectly interracial crew of scholarly helpers. Instead of bombing countries and defeating opposing warlords, he would save whales form oil spills and planet gardens in the hood.... and it was actually cool to like that kind of junk. He was just that dude. But now that I'm older and i know that Captain Planet isn't on the job anymore... I'm worried. Where the fuck is he now when i really need him. Why cant he just save dying kids in the Gaza Strip, and feed the hungry youth of Africa. why cant he create some fucking jobs for the unemployed. it just doesn't make sense. Where the fuck is captain planet? His little sidekicks are probably all grown up with masters in science and PhD's, driving Volvo's to the local wholefoods to by organic toilet paper and natural fruit roll ups. they were game for saving shit when they were younger, all they wanted to do was to follow Planet's coat tail around the world saving shit. Whatever I'm getting to emotional with all this nostalgia memory crap. The basic idea i wanna get across is, WHERE THE FUCK IS CAPTAIN PLANET?