Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles - "Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers"

OK... so i understand the whole mashup/ "vs.'s" mixtape deal has been a little played out for a while now, but you gotta give this one a chance. First off... a 28 year old music teacher named Tom Caruana spent his free time making this after being inspired by the classic and some say beginning of this mash up craze, the Grey Album. Wu-Tang has been a long standing favorite group of mine and i grew up listening to the Beatles, so this is crack for me. I download a lot of music on a day to day basis, and its always nice to find a mix that is actually worth listening to for more then a week. This mix is like an ultimate battle of the bands, it's Like The Big Apple verses Big Ben, Its America verses England, its fucking rolling papers verses blunts.... I'm done. Here's a free download of one of the tracks.

"Mighty Healthy" - http://usershare.net/h3vbz9ea9owc

Click the picture for the link to the whole album !