must see films

1. "Black Irish" circa. 2007

Black Irish is a great film that follows a working class family living in South Boston, while trying to survive the day to day struggles surrounding family dramas. The movie mainly follows, "Cole" (played by Michael Angarano) who is the youngest son. Depicting the stereotypical Irish American family, Cole is the baby of family who becomes caught between his own mission in life to escape south Boston and his brother's dramas on the streets of South Boston.
via Wikipedia: "Black Irish is a traditional term that is commonly used among Irish American communities to describe a dark brown/black hair phenotype appearing in Caucasian people of Irish descent. This can be distinguished in contrast to the (lighter) brown, blond or red hair color variant, the latter stereotypically perceived to personify the look of typical Irish folk."

2. "The Limits of Control" circa. 2009

I watched this film the other night with a couple good friends and it blew my fucking mind. Writer and director Jim Jarmusch, does an amazing job of portraying a quite/mysterious character that is slowly working towards a secret criminal act. Also, How can you go wrong with a cameo from Billy Murray?

3. "Rane" (english = Wounds) circa. 1998

This is an amazing film that follows two Belgrade teens during their teen years, while growing up in the ghetto. Go out and rent this ASAP and see what happens on their rise to becoming gangster legends in a dog eat dog society. The film was written/directed by Srdjan Dragojevic.