DJ Jayceeoh – "Avant Gucci" mixtape download

"Avant Gucci" FREE MIXTAPE

DJ JayCeeOh is back with his latest release ‘Avant-Gucci”. This time around JayCeeOh stepped away from the party and flipped an all out Gucci Mane mixtape. Instead of simply playing the latest and hottest Gucci tracks JayCeeOh went the extra step and remixed every song over a wide variety of beats that you would normally never hear him on, hence the avant-garde reference in the title. People have grown to love Gucci’s voice and cadence as a rapper but his beats are not always vibe friendly. With “Avant-Gucci”, Jayceeoh has made Gucci like-able to people that may have previously been turned off by him. This mix will convert Gucci haters to the other side. The artwork was done by Rhek and is a flip of Picasso’s ‘Three Musicians” painting. Picasso is historically known as one of the most avant-garde artists so naturally this came to mind when designing the artwork. This mix is in perfect time for Spring. Enjoy!
via: illRoots